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Details about Small Business Loans

Receive funds in 1 lump sum with flexible repayment terms.

Small Business Term Loan Features*

ESP Construction Resources is the partner you can count on to help grow your business – the way you want.

Our team of dedicated business advisors (yes, they’re real people!) will work with you to figure out your goals before recommending a funding solution that’s tailored to your needs.


Learn if a Small Business Loan is right for you

Generally, you will qualify for a business term loan if you have an established business that is already generating revenue, and a good credit history. Business term loans come in many different shapes and sizes, so the specific loan amount, interest rate and length of the term will depend on your business financials and credit rating.

You can apply for a business short term loan online, or via one of our dedicated business advisors, and all we need to see is a government-issued ID (like a drivers’ license), a voided check from your business checking account, and the last three statements from your business bank account.

Small business term loans are ideal for bridging a gap or fluctuation in your cash flow, or for a one-off purchase of equipment or resources in order to capitalize on an opportunity or complete a big job. This is a great option when you need some upfront capital to keep your business on track or to take the next step, but you know that you’re going to have the funds in the near future to pay it back; for example, if you’re using the loan to cover payroll for additional staff just before your peak season.

As a small business owner, it can be frustrating when opportunities arise but you don’t have the capital to grab them with both hands, for example if you want to expand, diversify, or take advantage of a great marketing opportunity. Equally, an unexpected outlay can seriously tip the scales of your cash flow and have crippling consequences. That’s where small business term loans can make all the difference:

Quick access to up-front capital, right when you need it

Low-risk, because you’re preparing for an increase in cash flow

Regular, fixed payments over a set time period, so you can plan ahead and budget appropriately – no nasty surprises!

To find out what sort of business short term loan you could be eligible for, speak to one of our business advisors and get a quote without impacting your credit rating.

Other Services


A merchant cash advance, also known as a business cash advance, is financing based on your future credit card receivables.


A healthcare cash advance is financing based off your future insurance receivables. It’s similar to a merchant cash advance, however, it’s only for businesses in the healthcare industry.


A bridge loan is a short term loan while your business secures longer term financing.


A line of credit is a set amount a business owner can access at any time for any need.


An SBA loan is a long-term, low interest small business loan that’s partially guaranteed by the government.


Invoice factoring involves selling your business invoices in exchange for an immediate advance.


An asset based loan allows businesses to secure financing based on the business’ assets.


A Commercial real estate loan allows businesses to refinance or purchase a commercial property.


*ESP Construction Resources markets all products listed on this website and these products as well as SBA Loans, Lines of Credit, Factoring, Asset Based Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans and Business Credit Cards may be provided by an unaffiliated third-party. Products and amounts offered may vary by state.

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